What's the deal with Facebook watch? And how can you use it?.

Facebook watches or facebook video.
Facebook's version of a streaming show platform, this is something that they're developing to rival Netflix Hulu and even YouTube, but there are two big flaws in what's going on with it  currently :

 1 - Not just anyone can have a Facebook watch channel : that's right I can't just take all these videos that create for you guys and put them up on Facebook and say yeah Facebook watch like it doesn't work that way it's this whole unknown process about how to get selected and pour your video content to be seen

 2 - That has working innocence is there's no monetization for us the creators, all the Facebook ads that you see on Facebook videos and Facebook watch videos goes to Facebook , and so that's just a really kind of like a thing that Facebook I feel is really going to have to find a way to adjust to serve as creators, otherwise people are going to continue to create on other platforms that are going to pay them for their time .

But what is it that you can do is Facebook watch well you can go watch stuff.  So I can let you where you can find Facebook watch and how you can lose all of your time watching Facebook videos just like you use a lot of your time watching YouTube videos : You're going to log into Facebook, and you're going to be on your home screen you can just hit the Facebook button or just log in at facebook.com/ you're going to go down on the left-hand side of the screen and hit watch and what you'll see in watch is a series of different things, so you have what it is that's on your watch list, so these are all pages that you currently follow or top videos that the algorithm has decided that you would probably like based on the things you've watched in your activity.

You can go over to the latest videos, and it's going to show you like the current things that have been uploaded, so you can see based on time, and it's just going to show you that you can go over saved videos. You can save videos and links and posts that you really like on your newsfeed, and so if you save something, and you're trying to reference back because you want to see what something is like.

I want to make these cookies eventually, so I'm going to save them,I really like this for inspiration you know this is something to me to learn this is just something I really like of a dog jumping into a pool, so these are the kinds of things that you can view, and then you have the pages of the places and are the business pages that you are following over here.

So I can just hit dry bar comedy, and it's going to show me all of their videos in chronological order from newest to oldest that they have most recently updated, and then you can have the notifications turned on since you always see it, or it just shows up naturally in your feed, and you can just turn it off.
If you turn off you won't get the notification, but I really like giving you some easier, so this is how you use Facebook watch from your desktop.

You also have the option to do Facebook watch as an app on one of your smart devices like if you have a smart TV if you use Amazon fire or Chrome box or even Apple TV, all of those places have an app, or you can use watch as well and then of course you can always watch from your phone as well.

Facebook watch is a lot of fun and there's a lot of like really unique content being created on that platform, my personal favorite show is the red Table Talk with the with Jada pinkett-smith her son and her mother where they dive deep into different issues and stuff and I just love that show.

If you're looking for something to watch on Facebook watch,I highly recommend that you check out the red Table Talk what is it that you're watching on Facebook.