Learn how to use Facebook by exploring the basic features of the world’s most famous social network!


Why Use Facebook
Facebook is the most used social network in France but also in the world. According to a recent study, it is the number 1 social network among seniors.
Every Facebook member has the ability to share different types of content with their friends, relatives or acquaintances. So despite the distance that may separate you, Facebook gives you the opportunity to keep in touch.
You can, for example, post to your wall:
⦁ text
⦁ pictures
⦁ videos
⦁ but also share articles from websites you like
⦁ your current mood
⦁ Finally with Facebook Live you can even stream live videos

Also, from your Facebook account, you will be able to join groups in which members share the same passion, to subscribe to the Facebook pages of your favorite artists or websites, to play online games, to complete your profile to share your interests…
All these assets allow Facebook to create a community of users
vast assets. You will therefore have no trouble finding old acquaintances thanks to the search engine. Once you have done your research, you will be able to:
⦁ Send the person an invitation to join your friends list,
⦁ Consult his public publications
⦁ View his list of friends,
⦁ Get in touch with the person by sending them a private message
Once you become friends:

  • you will share your posts with each other: when the person shares something, you will see it on your wall and vice versa. However, when composing a post, you have the option to choose who can see it. This allows you to control your digital identity and distribute information to whoever you want.
    How to Access Facebook
    Facebook is accessible on different types of media: computer, smartphone and tablet. On your computer, the best solution is to connect to the site at the following address:

For smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are available for Apple and Android devices on the AppStore and PlayStore respectively.
The main functionalities are present on the different media.
On mobile or tablet, the user experience is better with the right app rather than using Facebook on the website.

Create a Facebook account
To be able to take advantage of all the features of the social network, you must create a Facebook account. This account allows you to use Facebook on the website but also on the mobile applications.
In summary, to create your Facebook account, follow these steps:
⦁ Go to the Facebook website
⦁ Click the Create Account button
⦁ Fill in your name, your first name, your email address (or mobile number), your password, your date of birth and your gender
⦁ Click the Register button
⦁ An email is sent to you by Facebook
⦁ Access your mailbox
⦁ Confirm your registration by following the steps described in the email you just received
Your Facebook account is created, you can start using the service by filling in your profile.
You must remember the email address (or mobile number) and password. These two pieces of information will then allow you to log in to Facebook.
How to log in to Facebook
You are now registered, you are part of the Facebook community. The next time you want to use the social network, you will need to log in. To perform this action, nothing could be simpler:
⦁ Access the Facebook home page by typing in the address bar of your favorite browser ⦁
⦁ At the top of the homepage, enter your email address (or mobile number) and then your password. This is the information you entered when you registered with the site.

⦁ Click the Login button
Once logged in, you have access to your account. Your Facebook wall displays the news feed which shows you the various publications of your friends, the groups on which you are registered and the pages on which you are subscribed.

How to use facebook
Presentation of the various basic functionalities.
Facebook profile

Facebook profile

The profile allows you to fill in your personal information and highlight your interests, your activities, your mood…
For example, you can enter optional information about:
⦁ Your job and/or studies
⦁ the location of your home
⦁ Your family and relationships
⦁ Your milestones

Entering this information is completely optional. You can indicate, for example, the schools you attended so that your old comrades find you more easily on the network.
Your Facebook profile also gives you the possibility to manage your photos and videos by creating albums which will be visible, or not according to your choice, by your relatives and acquaintances.
You can also share your musical, cinematographic, literary tastes, your favorite television shows…
You can access your profile at any time by clicking on your first name in the bar at the top of the page.

Find friends
Once you have your Facebook account, it’s interesting to search for friends. Otherwise your wall may remain hopelessly empty and your posts will not have much reach.
To search, enter your query in the input field at the top left of the main page.

You can search by typing a person’s first and last name or email address. Enter, for example, the name of your favorite artist, the name of a company or a website to discover their Facebook page. Finally, enter in the field a word describing your passion, or your favorite places to view the corresponding Facebook groups.
Depending on your search and the result returned, several actions are possible:
⦁ If you were looking for a person, you have the option to send them an invitation or a private first contact message.
⦁ If it is a Group, the possible action is to join this group to follow and participate in the exchanges.
⦁ For artist or business pages, subscribe to receive page updates on your wall.
For example, typing Le Coin Retraite and Facebook will bring you my dedicated page
to this site. Subscribe to receive news from the Le Coin Retraite site on your wall.
How the Facebook Wall Works
The Wall is the News Feed that appears when you log into your Facebook account.
This space is updated in real time and includes all the publications shared by your friends, your groups or the pages to which you are subscribed.
You can interact on each of the displayed posts:
⦁ React by choosing an icon corresponding to your reaction to this post (Like, Angry…)
⦁ Comment by writing a message that will be visible to anyone with access to the post.
⦁ Share so that the publication is posted on your own wall and thus makes it visible to everyone you know.

For information, here are the expressions that you can express in reaction to a publication
allows you to express that you like the post.
means you love the post.
To say that the post makes you laugh
You are surprised by the post.
To express your sadness over the post.
to explode your anger over this post.

Create a post
You have mainly 3 methods to post information on your own Facebook wall.
⦁ The first method, we have just seen it in the previous paragraph. It consists of sharing a publication from one of your friends or other acquaintances.

⦁ You can also share on your wall articles that you find interesting on the Internet. For example, at the top and bottom of this article are two split bars. By clicking on the icon with an F like Facebook, you share this article on your wall. Most news sites offer such a sharing bar.

⦁ The last way to write a post on your wall is to write it using the form at the very top of your wall. You will have the possibility to write a text, upload photos or videos, make a live video, specify your mood…

When you add a post to your wall, you can control who can see it (using the menu).
Several choices are available to you Friends, Friends except, Public as well as your own lists of friends. Facebook allows you to create lists of friends and thus classify your knowledge in them. One idea might be to create a Family list, another for members of your Gym Club, for example, Former colleagues… This way, you can write your publications according to the people who will be able to read it.
If you no longer want a post to appear on your wall, you can delete it. To do this, browse the options available by clicking on the small chevron at the top right of the publication.

Facebook messenger
Facebook offers an interesting feature which consists in giving the possibility of undertaking instant discussions. To access it, click on the small tab, the little lightning bolt, which is in the menu bar.

A small window opens, enter the first letters of the name of the person you want to contact. Facebook then offers you a list of matching names. If you double-click on the contact you want to join, you can start a chat and then compose the message.
This feature offers the ability to initiate video or voice calls (free services), invite a friend to join a chat. This feature is similar to a chat service or a tool like Skype.
Other features
I have introduced you to the basic features on Facebook, do not hesitate to explore the different menus of this social network. You can for example

Unsubscribe from Facebook
You don’t like Facebook’s services, you don’t find any interest in it. It is absolutely your right and you have the right to unsubscribe from Facebook at any time and free of charge.
You have the choice between:
⦁ Deactivate your account
⦁ Delete your Facebook account
The first option pauses your account, no data is erased and you can reactivate it whenever you want. The stored data can no longer be consulted on the Internet, even by your contacts. To perform this action, follow these steps:
⦁ Click the arrow on the far right of the Facebook bar
⦁ In the menu that opens, click Settings
⦁ Select the Security menu from the menu on the left side of the page
⦁ Click Deactivate my account
⦁ Click the Deactivate link
⦁ Enter your password
⦁ It is possible that Facebook asks you the reasons for your departure, complete the form
You can reactivate your account in the same way by logging in later
To permanently delete their Facebook account, access the following form and click on the Delete my account button.
Facebook account deletion form
Facebook explains that your data will no longer be accessible but the deletion process can take up to 90 days.
Before your Facebook account is permanently deleted, you have the option of downloading a backup of all data.
I hope this Facebook overview will be useful to you and make you want to use Facebook.